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About Justyn Martin

Justyn and Jason Spezza Fall 2006
Fall 2006

Growing up playing hockey introduced me to many influences that helped shape me. Many coaches, trainers, and parents contributed to my development over the years, some for better and some for worse. The most positive influence has been my father who gave me the opportunity to play on many teams and train with an impressive line-up of athletes. As I reflect on all the hours spent contemplating his advice while driving back and forth to Toronto for years, the six hours of training each day in the summer, plus training every day after school, I am confident every minute was worth it.

Since I was five years old I have played team hockey, mostly at the AAA level, where I logged many hours on the ice and perfected my skills. I was privileged during those years of training, especially as a teenager, to train alongside NHL players, being put through their level of drills. It was the time invested in this level of training that gave me the passion, ability, and confidence to become a trainer and teach others.

My journey has brought me to the point where I want to give back to the hockey community by helping young hockey players achieve their goals. Whether it be a 5yr old learning to skate, the young player who wants to make it to a next level team, or the skilled player who wants the extra edge to advance to a Junior team or achieve a scholarship, I am committed to help players develop through hard work and achieve their dreams.

I bring a well rounded skill-set to the ice, breaking down the mechanics of skating, proper stride, repetitive edge work, as well as stick handling, all of which help young players develop and increase confidence. The achievement reached by the young players brings out their smiles, which I find to be the greatest reward. In the spring of 2015 a large percentage of the players who trained with me regularly achieved their next level goals.

I am very proud of my students, and am very thankful that I have had the privilege of being an influence on them, just as in the past, others helped shape me.

Justyn Martin

What our clients say...

Joel Wigle

"Justyn and his hockey school have done a great job at providing the proper instruction to kids of all ages looking improve their game. Through his innovative ways and creativity he provided me with puck and skating skills I had never thought of doing before that added that element to my game that I needed to improve on. His instruction while playing in the OHL was something I could use in games and will continue to use and practice in my hockey career. Thanks Justyn! "
- Joel Wigle